Waters We Fish

Beaver Tailwaters (White River, Arkansas)

Beaver is our home river, just a decent double haul from the store and one of the prettiest sections of the White to fish. We do most of our fly and tackle fishing instruction here. Half day and full day trips are available for: wading, drift-boat, 20' River Boats or Kayaks. A fun river to fish and just 40 minutes drive from Northwest Arkansas's business centers.

Norfolk Tailwater (North Fork of the White River, Missouri)

A guide favorite, Norfolk is one of the United States' top 5 trout waters. Our Clackacraft 15' low profile drift boat is the perfect way to fish this Tailwater, at either high or low water. Norfolk holds large number of health 14"-17" trout and plenty are much bigger. Come once and you will want to fish it again and again.

Taneycomo (White River, Missouri)

"Taney" is a 50 minute drive from the store across the border into Missouri. (Don't forget your Missouri license and tag). Probably the only place we know where you are literally tripping over 20" trout at every step. Can be crowded on weekends, but you can almost have it to yourself once the generators start running. An experience and another Tailwater which can hold the fish of a lifetime.

White River (Arkansas)

A huge water which deserves its reputation as one of the world's finest Tailwater. We are doing limited trips on the White at this stage in our Clackacraft, but these may expand over time, depending on flow conditions.

Roaring River (Missouri)

A unique and sometimes strange setting for the area's finest mayfly hatches. The Trout Park can be overrun over most of its length but midweek at least fly fishers can find a modicum of peace in certain sections. The Sulphur, Blue Wing Olive and Trico hatches bring a taste of "real fly-fishing", to any dry fly addict. Terrestrials are great in late summer. Roaring River is just 30 minutes from the store.

Beaver Lake (Arkansas)

We offer conventional Striper, Crappie and Bass trips on Beaver Lake.