Carl Caso

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Carl is a native of Arkansas: born in Mountain Home and raised in Berryville. He has fished the Kings and Osage Rivers as long as he can remember. His mom would drop him at his uncles' house and together they would fish the river, usually catching Smallmouth Bass.

At age ten he was introduced to Trout fishing. One of his fondest memories is coming to the Beaver Dam Store to stock up on all the things he needed for Trout fishing. After he caught his first big Brown Trout, he was hooked on fishing the White River (or his "Home Water"). He continues to love lake fishing, especially fishing for Bass on Beaver and Table Rock Lakes. As he likes to say, 'There's nothing like catching a big old bucket mouth on a jig!'

Over the years, Carl mastered the techniques necessary to be a successful guide. He's never forgotten those fishing trips of his youth or the excitement that comes from catching fish. His passion is to share this knowledge of fishing with people so that they may experience the same excitement he did growing up — and as an adult — fishing the lakes and rivers of the Ozarks.

Lisa Mullins

Lisa Mullins grew up in southwest Arkansas. Her first memories are of fishing for largemouth bass on Lake Millwood.  At age 8 she caught a 6 lb. largemouth bass and the fishing hook was set. For the next 15 years she spent time  fishing the small farm ponds of SW Arkansas, Lake Gillham, Lake Dierks, and many nearby rivers. In 1980 a trip to  Eureka Springs and the White River proved to be the trip of a lifetime and her love for trout fishing was born. She  spent the next 17 years traveling to Eureka Springs to fish for the 4 trout species that populate the White River.  In 1997 she decided to make Eureka Springs and the White River her home. 

The next 4 years were spent fishing the many rivers of northwest Arkansas. In 2000 Lisa met the folks at the  Beaver Dam Store and the rest is history. She has become one of the most talented and celebrated trout guides  on the White River. On several occasions she has been followed by local and national journalists and been  described as one of the best river guides in the area.

Lisa’s goal is to show beginners the thrill of the sport and she enjoys watching people catch fish for the first time.  She hits the river every day to keep up with current conditions, ensuring that each guided trip will experience the  best fishing possible.