Fishing Report

Friday, June 20

Fly-fishermen are still catching numbers on the water as are the bait fishermen. For fly-fishing, nymphs and midges are working well along with sculpin olive, olive orange, sculpin olive peach orange head and peach PJ Jigs. Good lures are gold and silver Colorado Spoons, red and gold Buoyant Spoons and countdown CD-7 in generation. Good baits are white, sunrise, orange, yellow, or rainbow Power Bait tipped with waxworms, while nightcrawlers are selling like hot cakes. (That’s an indication that they are working well!) Good flies are pheasant tails #14; midges in blue dun #16, red #16, olive #16; hare’s ear #14; tungsten Copper Johns #14; WD 40s #18; and San Juan worms #12. Streamer fishing has been good in the after noons with double dirty hippy in black and blue , double gonga cream, circus peanut white streamers on sinking lines in generation. Always be attentive to rising water conditions. FISH ON !!!!!!!!!

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Always be aware of rising water conditions.