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  Fishing Tips

Beaver tailwater’s offers fine tailwater fly and tackle fishing in probably the prettiest section of the White River system. Often over-looked against the big-name tail waters below Bull Shoals, Table Rock and Norfolk Dams, Beaver is relatively crowd-free except in mid-summer.

Beaver is in many ways a classic deep-draw Tailwater, with year round midge hatches, plenty of scuds and sowbugs. Mayflies are relatively scarce. Beaver Dam only has 2 generators but due to its narrow nature the rise can be up to 8 feet with fast flows. Wade fishing access is severely limited under most normal generation patterns. Watercraft can open up access to many fishable areas when the power station is running.

Electricity from Beaver is used to fill peak demand periods, which in summer means afternoons, and winter mornings and evenings. You can check online here http://www.swpa.gov/generationschedules.aspx for generation in recent days.

Waders are essential due to the chilly water temperatures, and even in summer warm socks and thick fleece under breathable waders is advisable.

Gin-clear waters and slow flows place a premium on careful wading and stealthy presentation - the trout get plenty of time to inspect your offerings. A 9’ 3-4-5wt rod is useful for most low water fishing, with small indicators, and helpful for mending. Six-weights come into their own for windy days and for fishing larger streamers or in higher flows. Shorter rods can be fun as well.

Midges hatch reliably year round and are a staple of fly fishers on Beaver. Black, silver, red, brown and olive color schemes are the most often seen in fly boxes. Bead head and tungsten bead patterns like Zebra Midges, Bryce’s Cadion Midge (T.D.M.), Charlotte’s Redneck Midge and the Razorback Midge and WD40s are extremely effective, when dead drifted anywhere on the river. While the naturals are often smaller than can be tied, these patterns are most effective in 22-16.

Soft hackle wets are a good choice when the fish are taking emerging midges below the surface. The Red Ass, Partridge and Pheasant, Partridge and Yellow.  (continued)

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